About Karn Carbon

M/s Karn Carbon Co. Pvt. Ltd is one of the largest merchant manufacturer of Low Ash Metallurgical Coke (LAM Coke) in the Dhanbad coal basin in Jharkhand. Karn Carbon Co. Pvt. Ltd. has been co – promoted by N.K. Karn in the year 1978 with focus on producing quality Low Ash Metallurgical Coke with the latest technology based on imported coal and Indian coal. As one of the state’s largest and most efficient coke producers, we contribute a good share of coke & coal supply.

We're proud stewards of safety and the environment, and have been amassed with awards for excellence. We're also a recognized leader in technology and innovation with investments in research and development of coke and coal conversion technologies.


About the Promoters-
It is be led by Mr. N.K. Karn having 30 years of experience in Met Coke Production & marketing.. N.K.Karn is the Managing Director of Karn Carbon Company (P) Limited and has extensive national and international management, operating and engineering experience. Karn has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering and MBA. Following school, N.K. Karn went to work for one of the largest coke manufacturing companies in the area. After few years with the company, Karn had risen up to Director of Operations. It was his time that provided Karn with valuable industry insight and experience. He brings different skills sets to the company, this experience provided Karn with incredible customer attention skills that he is leveraging for the company.

Coke/Coal Marketing:
We produce and sell predominantly low ash metallurgical coke with varied specifications. In 2009, the vast majority of our sales volume was sold under long-term coke & coal supply agreements.

Customers continue to pursue long-term sales agreements as the importance of reliability, service and predictable prices are recognized. Developers of new manufacturing plants fueled by coke & coal seek new contracts to reduce risk and facilitate financing. Existing customers seek new agreements to address changing needs and ensure reliable supplies. K.C.C.P.L.'s portfolio of coke & coal operations positions the company to capture new contract opportunities.
K.C.C.P.L. sells coke produced from our operations. The company also trades coal and provides a wide array of transportation-related services. It is a leading national coke & coal trader, K.C.C.P.L. uses its position to supplement its production, hedge against price volatility and satisfy demand for coke & Coal supplies where the company does not operate plants.
K.C.C.P.L. has positioned itself to participate in tremendous Pan India growth by expanding its domestic operations and through offices in Kolkata, and Dhanbad. With two production complexes in the Jharkhand and access to every major rail and road system, we can supply coal anywhere, anytime.

Whether you need spot pricing or a long-term contract, you can count on K.C.C.P.L. Give us a call today.